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Learn how yoga therapy can imporve your health and your life. Yoga can benefit you in many ways and at all times in your life.

Yoga for Meditation

Yoga Etiquette

Some basic etiquette standards that apply to public yoga classes.

Couples Yoga

Yoga Outside

One of the best aspects of practicing yoga is how portable it is.

Yoga Class

Prenatal Yoga

The benefits of prenatal yoga are numerous and extremely helpful.

Yoga for Meditation

Yoga For Teens

Teenagers can receive tremendous benefits from yoga.

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My first yoga class was back in January 2012, and I was trying to impress my girlfriend by taking the class.  She was an experienced yogi, and all I knew was that it came from eastern Asia and it had ...
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Welcome to Yoga-Therapy!

Welcome to yoga-therapy.net. Here, you will be able to learn about how yoga affects your overall health and how it can relieve the stresses of your daily life even when you don’t devote an entire hour to it.

Simply put, our bodies need to be moving constantly throughout the day, and when we sleep, it is supposed to be our recharge period, right? Well, that's wrong. While our bodies will heal during sleep, ask yourself one question: Do you wake up every day feeling refreshed and renewed? If not, well, why not? This is due to many factors that range from mental stress, down to the way we breath. 90% of these factors can be made better or even eliminated when one regularly practices yoga.

Now, don’t worry. I know I just said “…regularly practices…”  when a paragraph before I basically said the opposite. Well, you don’t have to do yoga every single day of the week and every single week of the month and every single month of the year. That’s quite a daunting regimen. I think even yoga instructors get days off. No, all you have to do is devote the time you are willing and you will feel better for it. I know people who do yoga five days a week for two hours, and, while they possess a lot of unimportant flexibility and are very fit, they get just as much stress relief as those I know who practice for fifteen minutes every day, every other day.

So now is a good time to ask yourself what you want to do. Do you want some serious yoga that will allow you to bend backwards into a handstand while doing the splits? (I hear that’s what those yoga-philes do, but they’re also able to maintain sun’s pose the whole time. …Just kidding.) Or do you want the simple, care-free, stress-relieving yoga routines that will help improve flexibility, strength, and overall well-being? I can help you with both. Go ahead and click around to find what you’re looking for. Have fun!

Tips & Hints for Yoga-Therapy

With so many different poses and styles, we can't always know everything that is being done. We are always looking to improve our site, so if you would like to contribute to this site, please contact us and we will be sure that your information is showcased.

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Intro to Yoga Therapy: Don’t Be Shy!

Are you too shy to do yoga in front of others? Are you so frightened by the idea that you simply hideaway in your bedroom and do your yoga? It's time to come out of your "yoga" shell - because the benefits of performing yoga in a class, far outweigh the fears.

Yoga matters, not only for your health, but in spiritual and emotional realms as well. In a yoga class setting, you’ll develop new friendships, and possibly even find a new yoga partner!

Why Yoga Matters For Your Health

You’ll also have the support of a team of individuals who are or were recently in the same position you are now. And you’ll discover that your fears are quite unfounded. You’ll soon realize that you would have loved to do this a lot sooner!

So get out there and find your inner peace by attending a yoga class - your chakras will thank you!

Learning Different Yoga Techniques

Exposing yourself to all different kinds of yoga is the best way to help you find a personalized yoga routine that best suits your health. Don't be afraid to try different yoga techniques, practices, and studios - the more you explore, the more doors of opportunity you'll open!

Who Practices Yoga?

A wide variety of people like to practice yoga, everyone has their own reasons, whether it is to lose weight, or to have a better posture, you'll see that the benefits of doing yoga are endless. The following list has some of the most common reasons why people choose yoga over other physical activities.:

  • To support their dieting and encourage weight loss
  • To prevent and improve certain health conditions (lower back pain, arthritis, scoliosis, shoulder, neck and pelvic pains, etc.)
  • To learn how to stretch correctly and safely
  • To improve breathing and lung function
  • To meditate, relax, and unwind
  • To keep an active lifestyle without having to run or lift weights