The Benefits Of Yoga Teacher Training

There are so many benefits to an individuals yoga practice that it’s hard to believe that there could even be a “next level” that one might take it to. Fortunately though, like with all great things in life, there is always more to learn when it comes to yoga - especially when it comes to teacher training.

Many people who practice yoga may not even consider getting their teachers certification. Some people simply wouldn’t understand why they would want to - others think it will be too expensive and others will be concerned about the new regulations they would have to adhere to. However, the benefits one can receive from going through a yoga teacher training class are more than worth the effort or cost.

The first and greatest benefit is that going through teacher training can redefine the way you look at yoga and give you an entirely new perspective on your practice. You’ll have a complete understanding of the history, philosophy, and methods of yoga and a solid foundation of knowledge that will give you a “big picture” look to your practice. Having all this information allows you to connect the pieces of your yoga practice and apply it to your entire life instead of keeping it in a little box labeled “workout”.

Another benefit is having the intricate details of technique available to you to help you strengthen your own practice. Once you’ve learned how to “adjust” others and yourself it makes a huge difference in your own practice and allows you to be sure that you’re doing poses correctly and safely.

Another benefit, and by far my favorite one, is that once you’ve gone through teacher training you no longer have to rely on books, tapes, cd’s, or even particular classes and times to practice your yoga. Nothing disrupts a yoga class like losing your page or having your dvd start skipping. When you have a foundation of the poses and have gone through teacher training and learned to create your own sequences you don’t have to make sure there’s a tv nearby so you can put your dvd in. You don’t have to rush home from work to make sure you can get to that class on time. You can simply unroll your mat and do your yoga. Anytime, anywhere.

On top of that you can also create your own routines and sequences which can be developed to suit your own taste, the time of day, your location, or even a health challenge you might be having. You aren’t limited by the same boring routine of whatever dvd you might be using and you can custom build your sequences to match each day and it’s surprises.

Having gone through teacher training also opens you up to sharing your love of yoga with others outside of a class setting. Many people would be open to trying yoga but are too intimidated by their lack of knowledge or experience or the way their body looks to ever consider taking a class. But with experience teaching you could conduct a private class for just a couple of your friends or even just a one-on-one session that might open someone up to really trying yoga in a way they would have before because of their fears.

Of course when you get your teaching certificate another benefit is that you can actually go out and teach classes, or even open up your own yoga studio if that’s what you really love to do. And teaching yoga means your spreading the message of honoring your body, being in tune and making conscious choices, and you can even earn some money in the process - but that’s not what you’re in it for right?