Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga

For many women the benefits of prenatal yoga are numerous and extremely helpful when it comes time for labor. Whether or not you’ve already cultivated a yoga practice there is a lot to be gained by taking some classes prior to your due date.

One of the first benefits is that yoga helps to prepare your body for labor. Many women say that the most painful parts of labor are due to the tightening and resisting of pain. Yoga allows you to be more in tune with your body to the point where you can allow yourself to relax, let go, and trust the birthing process. Many women say that this ability to relax has made their labors go far more smoothly than they would have otherwise.

The gentle stretching of yoga coupled with the breathing and relaxation techniques can also assist in helping a woman stay calm in the midst of the birthing process as well as making the birth less painful for her. By focusing on on their yoga breathing, repeating a familiar mantra, or even doing a few of the more gentle balance poses a woman can remain centered and focused and hopefully make the birth a more pleasant experience.  

It’s important when practicing prenatal yoga that you take the time to really look into the teachers and the classes and that you’re attending because there are certain poses and techniques that should not be preformed while pregnant and it’s extremely important that you’re teacher is aware of all of these poses and techniques so that they can give you the proper instruction.

Never trust the health of you or your baby to someone that isn’t sure about what they’re doing - this may mean canceling a class on occasion (like if there was an inexperienced substitute or something that week) or driving a little farther to take a class with a teacher you feel comfortable and sure with. These kinds of inconveniences are completely worth making sure you and your baby are in the best of hands when it comes to your prenatal yoga practice.

If you’re unsure of choosing a teacher or a class there are plenty of books and instructional dvds that can assist you in doing prenatal yoga on your own, out of your home, as well as telling you what you should and shouldn’t look for however it’s recommended that you take the time to find a class you can attend in person. Having an experienced teacher to help you with any adjustments you might need or to answer your questions is invaluable. Its also a really great experience to have an opportunity to bond with other women as they are carrying their children as well. These groups often form special attachments and they usually last for a long time - with the children often becoming close friends as well.

It can also be great to have a support system of women that are experiencing the same stage in their life as you might be. Along with these kinds of groups you can also take classes with your spouse or partner prior to the birth of your baby that can help involve your significant other in a process that he may not have really been able to be a part of otherwise. These couples classes are similar to birthing classes and can be very helpful for both partners when it comes time for the baby to be born.

Prenatal yoga can make a huge different in the way that both your pregnancy and the birth of your baby is carried out and usually in a very beneficial way. Simply by taking the time to attend a few classes or a read a book you can dramatically change your experience and all the while maintain your yoga practice.