Bringing Yoga Home

Many people that practice yoga routinely often find themselves wishing they could bring a little of that peace and serenity that they find in the studio back home with them. They wonder what it would take to recreate that kind of atmosphere in their own homes.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy crazyness of our lives with our work and our family and our friends - sometimes we lose sight of what matters to us, and what’s really important. Being able to take a little bit of your yoga practice home can help give you a reminder of what it’s like to be in the studio and how you can begin to leave in that state of peace and contentment all the time.

So how do you do that? How can you carry your yoga practice with you all the time? Is there a way to make your home remind you of your yoga studio some how? What can you do to keep that calmness in your day to day life even when you don’t get a chance to hit up your local yoga class?

One of the best ways to start is to simply mimic the environment of the studio you love. Is your studio bright and open and airy, filled with light from dawn until dusk, and always glowing? Great - but if you live in a little basement apartment or a dark house you probably aren’t feeling that way at home. Does your studio have bold colors, beautiful artwork, and a rich decor? Wonderful - but what if your home is nothing but bland white paint, and tacky furniture?

If you’re in love with the way your studio looks but your home is nothing like that then you probably aren’t going to be thrilled to go home every night and that’s definitely something to work on. Your home should be a space, just like your yoga studio, that you cherish and love coming home to. So begin to make some changes to your space that allow you to feel like you do during your yoga sessions.

If your studio has a dusky sort of mystic feel to it then start by adding some candles instead of bright lamps. Use dimmers instead of overhead lights. Have deep red or purple colored light shades to give more color to your room. Put lots of throw pillows around the room and play some subtle background music to set the mood of the room.

If your studio is bright and open then pull back the curtains, remove heavy blinds, and place mirrors around the room to make it seem more open and spacious. White flowing fabric can bring a natural feel to a closed off room and a lack of windows can be helped by placing large bright pictures of nature scenes.

A search for a zen-like feel can be easily remedied with a sparse amount of modern furniture, a simply rug, and a few artfully placed vases. Cleanliness is the key here. A lack of clutter will give you that eastern sort of feel.

Overall simply adding a few carefully chosen pieces can make a world of difference in how you perceive your home. If your budget doesn’t allow for any major redecorating then simply bring in a few pieces that really reflect your studio to you. Perhaps a few meditation themed statues, a couple of yoga-esque art prints, or even just a few floor pillows can be very helpful in recreating the feel of your home or a certain room to match that of your given studios. Even just adding a couple candles and some yoga themed music will make a difference - be open to all the decorating possibilities!