Yoga Routine


“Combo Yoga”

What’s “Combo Yoga?” Well, there are many different kinds of this particular exercise and relaxation sensation and “Combo Yoga” is just a combination of all of them and even some that aren’t actually yoga but are quite similar. Over time, as I came to experience these different routes and their different sensations, I simply decided to put them together slowly and surely. The point of it is to help you get on your way to creating your own yoga routine by understanding the lenient nature of it all. I’ll explain in greater detail each of these forms of yoga, but here are the ones involved in “Combo”:

  • Bikram Yoga (Yoga in intense heat. I recommend this after you’ve gained some experience)
  • Yogalates (in itself a combination with Pilates)
  • Heavy Yoga (my own working of the regimen)
  • Various other forms…

So, now that you know what we’re throwing into the pot, let’s jump in!

Pilates is basically yoga and Tai Chi put together with Daisy Fuentes selling it. You are going to be put through endurance training, but you are also moving them through your full range of motion at each joint, thus rotating the muscle activity to each individual muscle, thus strengthening the area as a whole and helping get rid of lose energy that makes you restless (I do a few moves I’ve come up with that are slightly derivative of this theory just before bed and I don’t feel the need to get up and go all the time.) So, what is Yogalates? ….well, I have no clue. Pilates is really pretty much yogalates itself, but the new name sells and fills space in a classroom, so whatever.

Heavy Yoga is my very own specialty and is incredibly simple, which is why I’m not selling it. Hold weights that are slightly heavier than you would power walk with while doing yoga. I started with holding ten pounders and going for about an hour, but everyone’s different and you know better than I do what strength you have in your arms. Remember, you’re going to be holding these weights in the air above your head for a long time, many times. It’s not going to be easy, so don’t go with something too heavy. Inversely, don’t use weights that are too light or else you’re pretty much just doing yoga…

Okay, last but not least of the specific forms, is Bikram Yoga. I definitely would recommend that you leave this out completely until you have already gained some experience with the other two together. I would even think it would be a good idea to switch this one in place of “Heavy” since the intense heat will already be dehydrating you and making you weaker. The benefits of this one are simple: you sweat and you sweat a lot. Many body-conscious people will do a couple of classes of this after their periods or just to reduce bloating in general. It’s also a good way to supplement your detox if you are a recovering addict as it helps you get rid of stuff quicker.

All in all, each form is quite good by itself, but, so long as it isn’t too much stress on your body, combining them all really provides results!

Have fun!