Yoga Routine


Crescent Yoga Pose

Now, this is one of those poses that allows for a great many of variations in your routine. It’s sort of a ball bearing of it all, in the sense that you can rotate one way from here and move into this position, or rotate another way and twist here and you’ll go to another position. It gives life to an old, boring routine by giving you options of where you want to go next or what you want to do today. Crescent Pose can simply be stepped into from a firm starting position, but I like to come into it from Down Dog (See article entitled “Down Dog Pose”) because after Down Dog, my legs, back, chest, arms, etc. are all stretched and I can get a deeper lunge when I’m finally in the Crescent Pose, which will keep me from pulling my groin during a pickup game of basketball or football, or anything else that might simply come and force me to use my physical fitness.

To achieve this pose, one leg should be bent in front of you and another should be behind, causing you to be in a lunge position. Your arms should be circled out to your sides and then up above your head. This is an important one to hold because your leg muscles are strengthened, your arm muscles gain a bit of endurance, your core muscles are keeping you balanced, so that’s a workout, and you will learn better focus if you concentrate on your breathing (that’s important to any part of your yoga ritual, though, especially the balance poses.)