Deciding To Teach Yoga

A big step in the path of a yogi is moving from student to teacher. Although one never really stops being a student and should always strive to continue learning, the opportunity to begin sharing the message and healing of yoga with others is an amazing path to head down. It’s also a path that requires a great deal of dedication and focus as well as the determination to be successful as there are many students who intend to pursue a teaching certificate in yoga and either don’t finish or make it and then never go anywhere with it. If you’re willing to put in that kind of time and dedication it can make all the difference in how your teaching career develops.

The first step is to decide if the pursuit of teaching yoga is something you’re truly interested in. If you’ve only been practicing yoga for a few weeks and out of the blue decided that you just have to become a teacher - you may want to hold off for a bit and develop your personal practice for a few months. If your passion and interest is still there after you’ve taken the time to cultivate your own knowledge then that’s a good indication that teaching yoga is something you might really enjoy.

If you’re sure about your commitment the next thing to factor in is the school you want to attend to get your teaching certification. Many yoga studios have their own individual programs and there are plenty of retreats that are dedicated to teaching the art of yoga. These schools and studios range in the hours the courses take as well as the curriculum that’s covered and if you’re unsure about where to go it’s a good idea to head over to the Yoga Alliance website and search for schools in your area that are registered with them. Schools that meet the standards of Yoga Alliance are always a safe choice in knowing that you’ll be taught everything you need to know.

Another route to go is to ask your mentors or teachers where they studied their yoga and what schools or other teachers they might recommend. Having these kinds of references can lead you in the directions of great teachers that you might not have found otherwise.

Many yogis are comfortable taking their teaching course near their home and then continuing to study in their area but some students have a desire to return to the original roots of yoga before they take on new classes as a teacher. Sometimes this will mean a few weeks in India exploring the land yoga came from and other times it might mean a stay in an ashram (or spiritual center) with a certain guru or type of yoga at the core of their studies. Those who stay in an ashram are often more dedicated to the spiritual pursuit of yoga as opposed to yoga as a career but many are involved with both aspects of the practice.

Staying at an ashram or working with a guru can be a priceless experience for the student that is looking to find their own path with yoga or even one that is looking to take a teaching practice to the next level. It can give you the opportunity to clarify why you want to teach yoga which is a very important step.

Deciding why it is you want to teach yoga can make a big impact on how you practice, what school you choose, and what path your teaching practice takes. It can also help you determine what kind of students you want to teach and in what setting. It’s important to understand that if you’re looking at yoga as a quick and easy way to start making some money you probably wont end up going very far with your practice. Money is a very poor motivator in the long run and wont give you the necessary discipline or ambition to keep up with your study of yoga.

However, if you’re going into yoga to benefits others and to make a difference in your community or something along those lines you’ll probably find it much easier to maintain your practice and if you keep that mindset you’ll more than likely do very well as a yoga teacher.

For the most part you just need to take the time to be certain about your decision to teach as it’s not something to enter into on a whim and once you know for sure that teaching yoga is something you want to pursue just stay focused and soon you’ll be holding classes wondering how it all went by so quickly.