Yoga Routine


Down-Dog Position

This is the position that is normally preceded with the Up Dog pose. From Up Dog, you push yourself backward and upward so that your butt is up in the air, your palms are on the ground, and you are doing your best to keep the whole of both feet on the ground, as well. It is similar to a pushup, but you will stick your butt way up past proper pushup form. In order to receive the full benefits of this pose, you should push with your arms so that your chest muscles open up a bit and get a good stretch. This also adds to the stretch you should be feeling in your hamstrings and the other muscles in the back of your leg. From this position, is widely practiced to transition into the Crescent Pose by lifting one leg behind you, holding it, and then swinging it forward to your hands. If there is any confusion, refer to the article entitled “Your First Yoga Routine.”