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How Will I Personally Benefit from Yoga?

During your first yoga session you might think, "How am I benefiting from this?" There are many studies and theories pertaining to the many benefits of yoga, but there is no real way to tell what is exaggerated, what is simply untrue, and what you should think of as gospel. However, what you can do is perform the moves, practice the techniques, and feel what happens. Then, you should be able to get an idea as to what yoga personally does for you.

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What is believed to achieve through yoga practice varies quite widely from simple stretching capabilities to far more energy throughout the day.

Here are a few specific ways that you can directly benefit from yoga:

  • From practicing proper breathing techniques, you will teach your lungs to work better, allowing more oxygen into the body and making sure less of that oxygen is wasted.
  • More energy stemming from proper breathing, stronger muscles and well warmed and stretched muscles.
  • A fitter body. I’ve always been quite a stickler about my own body. Before, I was a lot larger and I couldn’t stand it. Not only did I lack the above benefits, but I also just didn’t like to look in the mirror. Even after I got myself in shape, I still had really bad posture and my muscles sat shorter than they do now. When I started doing yoga, however, I stopped slouching, my muscles held me up higher, and I just felt great again.

All of the above is possible through dedicated yoga practice. So don't be afraid - try a few poses today!