Yoga Routine



I’m sure many of you are already cringing at the very concept of this lesson. You’re thinking “Great. I knew it. This guy’s one of those yoga freaks who practically lives in far Eastern culture. Right? Well, I’m not. In fact, meditation is far from what you might think it is. It doesn’t involve sitting half-naked in a semi-circle with a local new age group. It’s incredibly simple and you can do it completely alone if you’d like to. It will help you relax your thoughts if you’re like me and your mind is constantly racing from one subject to the next. It is a fantastic escape from that sort of mental stress.

First, I want to give you a very, very much simplified version of what meditation is. Meditation is relaxing your mind by focusing on a specific action you do every single day. Once you can do this, your attention on that certain action will fade away but, with practice, will not be replaced by anything else. You simply will not be paying attention to anything at all and your mind can get a little recharge moment. With even more practice, you can learn to do this for very long periods of time and you can really relax!

The most common method of meditation is to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. The reason this is so common is because the people who suggest it needed to find something that people do all day every day and, obviously, …we’re all breathing. But there really are a lot of different ways to achieve that calm mental status. If you are willing to try anything, you’ll find that specific way that helps you the best. Some actions allow for a greater ease of falling into that calmed mind feeling, while other actions allow for greater ease in maintaining it. The key is to find whatever it is that acts as a happy medium for you and just lose yourself in it. For example, when I worked at a popular sandwich shop franchise, (I won’t way which), we had to take the cheese slices out of the plastic package and stack them on top of each other in alternating directions. I did it every single day, at least once a day, and finally, I could do it very fast and very well. When I began studying yoga and meditation, I suddenly found myself doing this almost mindlessly (but a good mindlessly, I mean), and I learned that simple things like this can provide some of the best results. This just goes to show you that there are infinite possibilities as to what will be your meditation method and you shouldn’t stop until you’ve exhausted every single one. But for now, closing your eyes and breathing works just fine, too. When you do yoga and you are ready for the cool down of the routine, mediation kicks in almost automatically. It comes quicker and lasts longer the more you practice it, but it will happen for you. It is very much an important factor in your recovery after a long session of yoga.

Good luck! Practice and enjoy!