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Battling Your Middle-Aged Joint Pain with Yoga

So, I know you’ve heard all about how yoga allows for some fantastic joint conditioning exercises. Today I’ve decided it is important to go over those. Maybe you’ve started doing yoga specifically for this purpose but you don’t exactly know how to go about a routine that involves the special joint-savers.

It’s much the same as a regular yoga routine, but you need to be a lot easier on yourself as a novice and then you can move into more demanding stretches and bends. The key to this sort of routine is that you are not putting a lot of pressure on the joints while you stretch them. So, many of the standing positions should be done with extreme caution, especially if the pose involves the stretching or bending of your knee or a leg muscle while you are standing.

Remember, it’s not a battle that you can win by being tougher on yourself. Your joints are hurting from years of battling forces beyond their control and now they’re sick of it. They are going to hurt you if try to hurt them first, so BE CAREFUL! Be gentle on your joints as you condition them, and soon you’ll find many normal daily activities to be much, much easier.

I wish you good luck.