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Physical Fitness & Yoga

So, now that I’ve explained how to do yoga moves and the benefits of each move on some specific muscles and joints, let’s find out how this pertains to you.

First, let’s talk about the term physical fitness. Physical Fitness is when your body is strong and lean and you have enough energy to make it through your normal day while still retaining enough extra energy to get past any unusual life events. So, you wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, go to bed. Even though that sounds like an incredibly boring day, it’s a fairly normal one. Well, you would definitely make it past this sort of schedule just fine with yoga and, maybe you would without, too. I assume you’d get pretty tired somewhere in the middle, though, right?

Now, throw in a couple of fun events and the day’s not so bland, is it? Well, it isn’t so bland if you can participate in the new events, but if you’re too tired to do anything, its’ the same boring day you were dealing with before.

Add some things that absolutely need to be taken care of: You need to go shopping after work. Your car breaks down and you have to walk to the nearest bus stop or even to and from work! Those are both quite common but still special. There are many uncommon events, as well and you need to be ready to face those throughout life. If you simply do a half hour to an hour’s worth of yoga a day, starting at 3 days a week, you will feel so much more energetic than you did before! Soon, you can move that up to 5 days and gain even more energy!

So, I bet at least half of you are thinking “What about those bodybuilders who work out all the time and are still exhausted?” Well, the answer’s in the question itself. I’m not asking you to do yoga for 5 hours each day with minimal amounts of rest in the middle somewhere. I’m just proposing that you fit it into your schedule in order to make yourself feel better! And while physical fitness doesn’t mean anything about your body image, the two are still linked together and you will start to feel better about that, too. Whether you see weight loss results or you just feel good about getting up and doing some exercise, you will feel great!

Good luck! And be sure to read the article entitled “Your First Yoga Routine” and read about the positions involved in it!