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Proper Diet and Exercise For Better Yoga

I need to start off by saying that I cannot stress enough the importance of eating a balanced, nutritional diet when you begin doing yoga. I promise you that it will have a positive effect on how well you perform, not to mention about a million other things. While this information may seem irrelevant at first, trust me, it’s not at all. Yoga is made much easier by a balanced diet.

Everyone knows that your body burns calories for energy, but many people think that their body will simply take the fat cells they’ve stored and burn those calories instead. THIS IS NOT TRUE! While, in theory, this actually is what the body does, it’s not done by starving yourself or eating very little. Your body’s not stupid. You can’t just trick it into burning fat, no matter how many diet books and diet gurus try to tell you they can teach you a way to do it. Inversely, your body’s not smart enough to burn off your love handles when you want to. Instead, you’ll feel completely exhausted from the lack of free calories your body can burn. When your body decides to store calories as fat, their going to be stored until you absolutely need them, and part of it is in your mind when you really don’t have food available to you, and another part is simply not eating, but the two need to be together for this to actually happen. If you have food available to you but you’re simply resisting it, your body and mind will work together to break your will instead of wasting your survival calories. So, if you want to lose weight this way, go throw yourself in the desert for a month or so and fight to survive. But there are easier ways to do it…

The other way around proper eating is to eat a diet that consists mostly or even completely of one thing while you cut out other things you need. Of course I’m talking about the sea of those low-carb, high-carb, high-protein, only juice, only protein-shakes, fad diets that frequently come out. Almost every single one of them says something along the lines of “Hey! You can eat all the food you want to eat and STILL lose weight!”

…it’s a trick. Don’t fall for it. Sure, you can eat a bunch of food, but you really can’t eat all you want, no matter what the restrictions are. What if you wanted to eat your weight in steak on the high-protein diet? You’re not going to burn any fat because you’re not exercising or your exercising a minimal amount, and you’re caloric intake is phenomenally high! You can’t even keep track of the calories you’re eating when you go on one of these diets! There’s an easier way to do it…

It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that when you eat more calories than you burn, you need to do something with them. That something that happens is storage and it becomes fat. Now, of course, there are many other factors that determine how well you can burn calories, but the fact is that you will burn fat when you take in fewer calories than you burn. But the difference between the two needs to be small amounts, or else you’ll kick your body into a survival mode yet again and your body’s just gonna store, store, store.

Now, the reason I’m telling you this, is plain and simple: I want you to know that eating well makes everything easier even though you might think the aforementioned methods might. The truth is, they really make things a lot harder. Yoga is one of those things made more difficult by insufficient nutrition and you need to know that.

If you simply ingratiate a well-balanced diet into your daily schedule, you’ll feel better, look better, and ultimately, burn calories better. Plus, your yoga routine will be a lot easier altogether. You won’t feel sluggish or weighed down by a massive intake of one food that your body doesn’t want to digest all at once, and you’ll have enough energy to take on those seemingly impossible yoga moves.