Yoga Routine


Stretch Those Small Muscles!

When you are doing yoga, you’re getting a workout on some muscles you didn’t even know you had. Well, that is why some positions can seem so dang difficult. But, just as you would work your other muscles like your biceps or your abs, I want you to try and work your smaller, less noticeable muscles after you do yoga. Not only will your body look better and tighter, but you will have more energy, you will burn more calories, and you’ll be able to do yoga a lot easier.

The best way to do this is to focus in on a strange, new muscle strain while you are doing yoga and then try and emulate that on ONLY that muscle sometime later in the day. Just try and remember exactly how it feels and try to put your mind into that muscle in that particular spot. It will make it a lot easier to replicate the feeling, and ultimately, the muscular workout. If you are able to do this for multiple muscles a day, it’s even better.

Since balance is very important in yoga, you will gain a better sense of clarity and serenity after a session of yoga when your muscles are closer to being equal. You won’t have a couple of exhausted muscles and a couple of barely worked ones, so you’ll simply feel good all around. And another benefit is that you will be able to work harder and for longer. You won’t be giving in to a pose because some of your muscles are working too hard to cover for your other ones. You’ll simply feel good for most of your session, meaning you can elongate it into an hour and a half or even two hours! In summary, this technique increases wellness throughout your entire body, provides better peace of mind and balance of being, and gives you a better workout.