Yoga Routine



Well, so far, we’ve covered the basics of muscle endurance, proper breathing, and the benefits of each, but we haven’t even come to the stretching part. Many of you may have the image of a class of yoga students straining to stretch themselves in some way similar to their instructor’s perfect form. Nope. It’s really not like that. Yes, you are working toward that, but when you feel the stretch, you remain in that spot. You don’t go past that point to grab your toes behind your head or whatever.

One of the greatest things about yoga is its ability to adapt to you more than you have to adapt to it. We’ll go over some specific moves later that will stretch you like Gumby, but for now just remember that the people you see doing yoga are the people that have been doing it long enough not to be embarrassed. If you feel a stretch, that’s as far as you need to bend. Don’t worry. You too will get to the point where you are comfortable doing yoga somewhere outside of your bedroom! I believe in you!

Have fun! Get stretched!