Yoga Routine


Sun’s Pose (Sun’s Salutation)

So, if there is any confusion on how to perform this move, simply leave a comment and I will explain it to the best of my ability.

But, assuming you are able to perform it, let’s find out why you do it.

When you are holding your posture from the starting position, you are working the muscles we talked about before, but when you raise your arms the way you do in Sun’s Pose, your muscles will be lifting and/or rotating slightly to accommodate the change in position. You also get a fantastic stretch that prepares you for the rest of your routine. When your muscles are stretched and toned in different motions, you receive many benefits in your daily life. You are able to burn more calories because your muscles are better equipped for it. This gives you more natural energy without actually making you do anything. Also, you are simply able to do daily tasks without much difficulty, and so all that extra energy you have can be put toward something more enjoyable or useful.