Yoga Tips for Poses

Yoga is a practice that has been developing for thousands of years.  Thus, there are hundreds of different yoga poses available to you.  Many are known by different names, and many are modified versions of other poses. Knowing a few tips about different poses is a great way to fully help you excel within yoga therapy. Before beginning your yoga workout, take a quick glance at some tips for some of the major yoga poses.

Beginning Yoga Poses Tips

Beginning, or basic yoga will have a strong emphasis on breathing techniques and stretching. To get the most out of this yoga style, remember to take it slow; yoga isn't a race! Also, don't try to overdo it. Be in tune with your body by:

  • Stretching slowly and carefully
  • Not pushing yourself - if it hurts, slow down
  • Focus on performing the pose correctly, even if it takes more time
  • Stick close to the order of the poses as given by the instructor. They're placed in a specific order to be beneficial

Tips for Intermediate Yoga Poses

If you're ready to move past the beginning yoga, and ready to try something slightly more challenging, then there are a few things to keep in mind that can help you be optimally successful. Once you've mastered the breathing and control part of yoga therapy, moving onto intermediate yoga poses is a great transition. Here's how to stay strong as you move into intermediate yoga:

  • Don't lose focus. Try to keep your mind from wandering and becoming distracted.
  • Work deeply within the pose. If you don't feel anything while in a pose, try to extend yourself until you do, and then re-focus your concentration on this new level.
  • Engage with your "core" muscles. This includes tucking your tail bone towards your pubic bone. This might sound strange, but focusing on this helps your body to engage in a "root lock", known as muhlabanda.

If you're still having difficulty perfecting a pose, keep in the mind the following points throughout your yoga therapy workout:

  • Poses vary widely in difficulty.
  • If you try a pose and it feels painful, use an easier modified pose instead.  You could hurt yourself doing a pose that you aren’t ready for.
  • Remember that yoga is a journey.  As you invest time in practicing yoga, your strength and flexibility will improve, allowing you to try new poses.