Yoga Routine


Yoga & Detox Go Hand-In-Hand!

This is definitely something important to everyone. No matter who you are, you could benefit from a good detoxification. Let’s get a little background on what goes into your body so you might understand how this pertains to you:

Say you live in a big city. Every single day, there are tons of toxic elements going into your body through your pores, in the air you breathe, etc. Plus, there are tons of other theories on different ways they may be getting into you, as well. Theories that will most likely turn out to be true, I might add.

Even if you don’t live in a big city, this is still an issue. There’s plenty of evidence to this all around you as the world grows and they add new things here and there. What do you think all that construction does to you in the long run? How about the neighbor you have who’s working on his house? Do you live in a neighborhood with about twelve hummers or other big, expensive vehicles, or do you live in a neighborhood with the same amount of old ragged trucks and others of the like? Either way, you’re breathing in tons of stuff all the time.

Does your entire block get their lawn taken care of? Do some of them? Well what about those chemicals?

Does your neighbor have an amazing garden? What does she put in it? Is it natural, or chemical? What’s in her compost heap?

Not only that, but there are the toxins that you put into yourself! Do you drink? Occasionally or no, you’re still adding to the beating your body takes.

Habitual or social drug users, while I cannot and do not advocate any such substance abuse, you could still benefit from a detox. It also makes the quitting a lot easier. Many, many, many, many MANY detox therapists and specialists instruct their patients to undergo some sort of exercise that forces them to sweat out the free radicals and other toxins in their system so that there’s less of the substance inside of them. It speeds up the quitting process and makes even that time much easier.

Plus, I can think of about a million other things that could be getting into your system. The word “could” matters very little, though, if you’re thinking “well, none of that’s been established yet!”

I’d rather take care of myself now than wait for the study to finally tell me in fifty years I’m living incredibly unhealthy and that I shaved off twenty years of my life.

Any simple yoga routine will provide you with the detoxifying exercise you need, and then you’ll be able to relax double afterward! You’ll feel good about what you’re releasing from your system, and you’ll also just feel good from doing the yoga.

For you beauty nuts out there, here’s one other proven fact: Sweating improves the quality of your skin. You will look and feel a lot healthier when you sweat out all your bad stuff. Your skin will be provided with your natural moisturizers instead of you having to put more stuff on your face to get in your pores. And with a simple rinse afterward, most of the bad stuff goes away, leaving you softer, healthier, and prettier. All while giving you a nice, sexy body glow from your healthy skin. And since you’re not running in weather that you can’t completely predict, there’s almost no chance you’ll cause more damage to your skin like you would if you had the wind blowing in your face, etc. I still highly recommend running, but it is a great idea to replace one or two cardio workouts with a higher intensity yoga routine, while you maintain a low intensity yoga routine on those days that you don’t get any other exercise.

All in all, yoga is a fantastic way to cleanse your body, relax your mind and make you feel better about yourself—outside and inside.