Yoga & Your Feet

Unlike a lot of other exercises that don’t place a lot of attention on the feet, yoga is actually very beneficial for your feet and can make quite a bit of difference in your overall health. It’s quite common for pain or issues with the feet to turn into problems or pain elsewhere in the body. So if you take the time to really pay attention to your feet as your practice your yoga you can really benefit your whole body quite a bit. The idea here is that your feet are connected to all the other nerves and ligaments and muscles in your body.

You’re feet are pretty much the end point of your body and if something with them is out of alignment you’re going to feel it in the rest of you as well so it’s wise to pay some special attention to them while you’re doing your yoga. This kind of attention can be something as simple as wearing appropriate socks or shoes while you practice your yoga or it can be as complex as specific poses that are designed to stretch and strengthen your feet.

One of the best places to start is by developing an awareness of how you use your feet both in and out of the yoga studio. Pay attention to the way you walk and stand and whether or not you’re placing the weight of your body on your feet in any certain way. Placing too much weight on the inner or the outer part of your foot can cause problems so it’s important to be aware of how you’re actually using your feet on a day to day basis.

The next step is to really use each part of your foot. In your yoga class there are plenty of opportunities to work your feet into each pose that you’re doing. Whenever you pause to hold a pose take the time to concentrate on your feet for a few minutes. Stretch your toes out and then curl them back in, test your balance by only using one foot, plant your feet firmly in the ground and then pull your arches up as you keep you feet rooted onto the floor.

There are plenty of different ways that your feet can be benefited while you’re practicing your yoga and all you have to do is show them a little extra attention. Start incorporating some “foot yoga” into your practice and see what the benefits are!