Yoga for Experts

There are so many different yoga styles and postures to try, and its not surprising that as some classes are geared toward beginners, others are geared toward experts. Becoming an expert in yoga takes years of dedication and practice.

Advanced Yoga Poses

Yoga for experts will usually include difficult and advanced poses that would be unsafe and impossible for beginners to do. Yoga classes for experts vary depending on what style of yoga you practice.  Invariably, expert yoga workouts will challenge students in the advanced elements of a particular style of yoga.

Yoga for experts should only be tried by students who are deemed capable by the instructor. By working closely with your instructor, you can gauge your level of expertise before attempting to move into a more experienced class. If you're set on achieving expert-level yoga goals, then forming a good relationship with your favorite yoga instructor will become your primary tool.

Cross Training

In addition to asking your yoga instructor for advice and insight about how to reach an advanced level of yoga, working hard outside of yoga practice will help in a lot of areas. Cross training in several areas, such as jogging and biking, can also help with stamina and the cardiac aspects of an intense yoga workout.

There are a lot of activities outside the yoga studio that you can do to supplement your yoga practice. These can include:

  • Walking and jogging
  • Pilates
  • Dance classes
  • Weight lifting
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Low contact sports such as tennis or volleyball

The best way to find a cross-training activity for you is to experiment in different areas. Do you love to swim? Do you have a tennis court nearby? Don't be afraid to try new things - cross training to obtain an expertise level of yoga is a great method!

Expert Yoga Benefits

The yoga benefits of reaching an expert level within yoga don't just extend to the physical; in addition to opening teaching opportunities and respect among younger yogis, reaching the expert yoga level can be an incredible stress reducer. The benefits and confidence gained by becoming an expert in something you love is worth the hard work it took to get there. So don't give up!