Yoga In Your Car

We’ve all been caught in one of those horrible traffic jams that seem to go on for miles and miles without end. The ones where you feel like you’re sitting there for hours and just have no way out. Many of us have to deal with those twice a day as well as the stress and frustration that comes with being cramped up in a car, forced to sit and wait.

So instead of using the time to fume and be upset over how many cars are in front of you, the guy that cut you off on the freeway, or how late you’re going to be you can spend your time in the car strengthening your yoga practice.

Now many of you just got an image of yourself twisted and contorted into some awful position in the front seat of your car - don’t worry, that’s not quite what we’re going to do here. Actually doing yoga while in your car can be even easier than doing it at home or in a studio. Your car sort of provides a safe little enclosure for you to practice your meditation and your breathing in. You’re also set up to play any mediation music or chants you might want to listen to and you can even have a little air freshener that reminds you of your studio or your practice at home. You can essentially create your own little tranquil meditation room all within your car.

Now because you are still in a car there are a few key things to remember. First of all your safety, and the safety of other drivers around you is always the most important thing to be aware of. So if you’re car is actually moving it may not be the best time to do a closed-eyes, very intense mediation - for obvious reasons. If however, you’re just sitting in traffic or even at a long light you can take a few minutes to close your eyes and enjoy that aspect of meditation. I find that other drivers will always give you a helpful little honk to let you know when your meditation time is up. How considerate of them right?

Now as you’re driving your daily commute or just caught in slower traffic it can be a nice time to work on your yoga breath and to practice any mantras you might be using in your life. All this really requires is the presence of mind to be aware of your breath as you drive. Just recalling the instructions of a favorite teacher about focusing on your breath can be all you need to begin a meditation in your car but I find that some background music can be helpful in tuning out the noise of the city or my car engine.

Give this a try and see the difference it can make in lightening up the stresses of a daily commute or a traffic jam just remember to be aware of other cars!