Yoga: Making Time

I have had more than enough people tell me how much they’d love to cultivate a yoga practice, how they desperately want to get back in shape, and how important it is to them that they feel fit and healthy and yet every day they spend more time running pointless errands, watching tv, or surfing the internet mindlessly and then complaining about how they don’t have time to work out.

Guess what - you do. You have the same amount of time in the day that everyone else does and there’s certainly no lack in the hours you’ve been given. You have more than enough time to find half an hour to an hour to fit in a workout - or, even better, a yoga class.

Reserving Time for Yoga Therapy is Practical

A lot of people love to blame work on the fact that they don’t have time to get to the yoga studio. Well lots of offices are offering gyms and after-work fitness centers to their employees. If you’re company doesn’t, suggest that they start - it’s a great way to increase the happiness (and overall productivity) of their employees. If your company isn’t open to putting a yoga studio in one of the empty conference rooms then it doesn’t mean you have a free excuse (my company wont let me!) not to do your yoga.

Take Charge of Your Yoga Therapy Time

All that means is that you get to be more responsible with your time. All that extra time lost grocery shopping each week for example, can a spouse or an older child take over that? How about that half hour of tv you spend watching the news in the morning? Cut that out and doing a half hour of deep breathing and poses. Is your commute eating up all your free time? Get a job that’s closer to home or move home closer to your job. If neither of those options are a possibility try carpooling or taking public transport and doing some of your work during the drive so that you can come in to the office later or go home earlier.

Learn How to Manage Your Yoga Time

A lot of improvements in your yoga practice can be made just by learning how to manage your time better. Take back those minutes lost during the day by making a conscious effort to get organized and be more efficient. How much time could you cut out of your morning routine by being prepared? What if you were to get your things together and make a lunch the night before. How much time would that save you running around your house every morning looking for your keys? How much time would you save by not standing in line at the local sandwich shop? Could you put that time to good use in getting things done faster?

Manage Your Life Better With Yoga

Making these changes won’t just improve your ability to be dedicated to your workouts and yoga classes it will also open up the rest of your life as well. Imagine having more free time for your spouse, your kids, or your hobby. Whatever part of your life is feeling neglected right now can certainly get more attention if you put in the effort and if you choose to use that time to dedicate to your yoga practice and get in shape you will end up healthier and happier which will make you even more productive and give you even more free time! See? Everyone wins.