Yoga While Traveling

When you’re traveling it can be very difficult to keep up with an exercise routine, a special diet, or a yoga practice. You’re out of your comfort zone, you’re probably stressed out worrying about flight times and reservations and rental cars and what not and with all that going on who can even remember to do their yoga -let along find a place to practice?

Well with a little planning and advance preparation you can easily find a way to comfortably fit your yoga practice into your travel plans.

Now if you’re visiting a place you’ve been to before and are somewhat familiar with then it shouldn’t be too hard to simply get online and search for some local yoga studios in that area with class times that will work for you. If you’re new to the place you’ll be spending time in then invest in a guidebook or check out a tourists website for the area. Often times they’ll have local businesses, such as yoga studios, listed for travelers to check out.

Vacations or trips are a great time to try out new studios especially since many studios have discounted rates for newcomers or offer a free first class to those trying out a new type of yoga. You can experience a new studio, a new teacher, and a new group of yoga students for less than what you would normally pay at home. Yoga styles and practices tend to vary in other parts of the world and trying out a new class in an unfamiliar environment can be a really fun and enjoyable learning experience.

Now if you’re traveling on business or will only be in an area for a short amount of time you may not be able to leave your hotel or wherever you might be staying for long enough to take a class in a local studio. Sometimes hotels will have spas or gyms they provide that offer yoga classes and those can be a great resource for someone that’s on the move a lot or isn’t able to spare a lot of time. The downside to these is that they can be rather expensive and often have more of a “gym” type feel and less of a studio atmosphere.

However if you aren’t fond of the gym or there isn’t such an option available to you there are always alternatives you can do on your own. A great way to begin is to simply bring your mat and a book of poses with you. It’s certainly not the same experience as taking a live class but for someone that’s dedicated to their yoga it can be quite a lifesaver to have a book of sequences on hand during a trip. Another way to go about it is to bring a yoga dvd and make sure that your hotel room has a tv/dvd player in it. If your hotel room is spacious enough you can usually practice right there without any problems.

Another option, for those that are more technologically adept, is to bring along a laptop or an ipod and find a yoga class you can stream or download whenever you need it. That allows you the freedom to practice whenever you need to as well as wherever works for you while you’re traveling. As long as you can find a feet of room on the floor and a plug for your laptop you’ll probably have no trouble finding a yoga class online that you can use to practice and many of them are even available as free podcasts or downloads.

Keeping up with your yoga practice while you travel can not only help you save a little money if you go about it the right way it can also help ease the stresses of traveling. With a little preparation and planning your yoga can be a calm center to what might otherwise be a chaotic trip. It can also help you deal with any jet-lag or fatigue your travels may impose on you. Stick to your yoga during your travels - it’s definitely worth the extra bit of effort.