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Yoga With A Partner

Doing yoga with a partner, whether it’s a friend, a family member or a spouse, can be a really great experience for both people. It’s an opportunity to build trust, confidence, and a great deal of connection between both partners and it really gives you a chance to see how your relations with that person are. Nothing can be quieted or glossed over during a yoga session and partner yoga is often used to facilitate communication between couples that are having marital problems.

Regardless of your relationship with your partner in yoga it’s a really fun thing to try. Having a partner lets you experience a whole variety of new poses that aren’t an option with just one person. You’re able to do many lifts and different bends that can be very challenging and also very fun. You can also assist each other with guided meditation as you further your yoga practice.

Another great quality of partner yoga is that it’s a non-competitive form of fitness and exercise. This is especially helpful if the partner yoga is being done between a fighting couple or siblings or even just a couple of friends that are having a dispute. The act of relying on each other for different aspects of the poses and the level of trust that must be present is very effective at resolving conflict and improving relationships for people in all walks of life.

If you are doing your partner yoga with a spouse but not as a way to resolve conflict it’s a really great way to build trust and a deeper level of intimacy between the two of you. It gives you an opportunity to rely completely on the other person and then to be that person that is relied upon. It can really help couples open up to sharing and being there for each other as well as creating effective communication between the two of you.

While doing partner yoga it’s important to remember that your partner may not have as much experience with yoga or may not be as advanced in their practice as you are. If this is the case always remember to only do poses to the level with which they are comfortable. Partner yoga isn’t about showing off or showing your partner up. If you’re partner struggles with a pose do your best to assist them but don’t push them beyond their limits. Your partner is responsible for knowing their limits and partner yoga is a great opportunity for them to practice their communication with you be clearly telling you  what their limits are and allowing you to respect them.

Also if you decide to do partner yoga with a younger child it’s important to remember to be aware of their size difference compared to yours. This child shouldn’t do any poses that require them to sustain your weight or anything along those lines as it could be dangerous for them. But if you’re careful and aware doing yoga with your children can be just as much fun as it would be with any other partner.

Overall yoga with a partner is a really great experience and can be a wonderful way to introduce someone else to yoga or to reconnect with a partner that already has a yoga practice. Either way there are plenty of options from designated partner yoga classes to books and dvd’s that can assist you in an opportunity to practice your partner yoga. Take the time to experiment with a few different styles or teachers to find one that works for both you and your yoga partner and it will definitely pay off.